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Menander: Hall of Fame

A collection of photos of people who have played a significant part in reconstructing, editing and interpreting the plays of Menander

Alain Blanchard and Francesco DAiuto
Albrecht Dihle and Hugh Lloyd-Jones in Heidelberg
Alfred Körte, editor of Teubner Menander
Andreas Katsouris in Florence
André Hurst, Andreas Katsouris, Horst-Dieter Blume in the Istituto Vitelli in Florence
Angelo Casanova and Giovanni Bastianini in the British Academy, London
Colin Austin with Eftychia Bathrellou
Colin Austin in Cambridge with Inga (my wife)
TBL Webster (centre) with my father David Furley (left) and A.M. Dale (Greek Lyric Metre, Euripides Alkestis) around 1960?
Eftychia Bathrellou in Nottingham
Sir Eric Gardner Turner
Eric Handley in Cambridge

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